PROTECTA*LITE® System Benefits

 System Protection

  • Protects line insulation from flashover due to lightning strikes.
  • When applied at the entrance of a substation, PROTECTA*LITE protects substation equipment from lightning surges.
  • PROTECTA*LITE prevents back-flashovers of lines resulting from poor system grounding.

Compact Line Design

  • By analyzing the characteristics of your line, Ohio Brass can supply a PROTECTA*LITE system that protects lines from lightning surges without the use of costly and visually unappealing overhead shield wire systems.
  • PROTECTA*LITE systems help to realize compact line designs with ease.
  • With PROTECTA*LITE, utilities can upgrade lines to higher system voltages without costly insulator change outs requiring more space and possible pole upgrades.

Additional Benefits

  • PROTECTA*LITE has a lower continuous power loss than any competitive product in the same class.
  • Reduce RFI/TVI complaints by utilizing PROTECTA*LITE systems.
  • PROTECTA*LITE arresters are the lowest weight solution for surge protection. This reduces line loading and possible mishandling during installation.
  • PROTECTA*LITE can be supplied to fit your system using Ohio Brass insulators and arresters.
  • PROTECTA*LITE does not affect line performance when faced with adverse wind and ice conditions.
  • Testing and 20 years of field experience have demonstrated the PROTECTA*LITE polymer housing is highly resistant to tracking and other environmental damage.
  • The PROTECTA*LITE design is highly resistant to moisture ingress, which is a leading cause of arrester failure.

Reduced Reliability Indicators

  • Utilizing PROTECTA*LITE on transmission and distribution lines can help eliminate SAIDI (CMI, CMO), SAIFI, MAIDI, and MAIFI related to lightning surges.1
  • PROTECTA*LITE quickly helps stamp out lightning surges without the occurrence of nuisance breaker operations that increase MAIFI and MAIDI.
  • If a surge related flashover occurs on a line and a substation interrupter/breaker fails to operate, the line can be damaged. The ensuing outage can result in the accumulation of SAIDI and SAIFI until power can be re-routed through switching or the line is fixed. PROTECTA*LITE helps present flashover due to lighting surges. Thus, with PROTECTA*LITE, SAIDI or SAIFI related to lightning surges should be reduced or effectively eliminated.

1Reliability is often expressed in terms of SAIDI (CMI, CMO), SAIFI, MAIDI, and MAIFI.

  • SAIDI – System Average Interruption Duration Index
  • SAIFI – System Average Interruption Frequency Index
  • MAIDI – Momentary Average Interruption Duration Index
  • MAIFI – Momentary Average Interruption Frequency Index









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